Brunch Mixing Prints #Psootd

Polka dot scarf on sale

Plus Size Single-Breasted Houndstooth Blazer

I pulled this simple outfit together in a flash to go to brunch with my friend. I always have my clothes prepped for the week so I pulled this fit together in seconds. We are going to have another gorgeous day in Dallas Texas so I wanted something cute and weather appropriate. I took my lane Bryant polka dot scarf and tied it around me to make a top. This scarf is currently marked down. I knew when I purchased this scarf it would end up on my head as a wrap and I envisioned wearing it just like today. I finished the look with my Forever21 Houndstooth Blazer and a pair of black jeans (old) HM high waist.

Polka dot scarf with fringe

FiftyFriday featuring Ms. Coffee!

Link to Ms. Coffee (skirt)

Link to activewear open back cardigan

Tan Thong Sandals

I’m back for Fifty Friday series where I feature 1 or several fabulous  items under $50. Today I have to tell you guys about this skirt I’m wearing. I can’t say it’s a maxi or midi because of the length and where it hits me. I’m 5’8 3/4 tall. I do love every single thing about this skirt.  I briefly touched upon I have started to build what I call a capsule wardrobe rack seasonally. This is where I buy basic pieces, and add in a few  statement colors to compliment my spring/summer wardrobe. I did this last fall/winter and had a very successful dressing season. My method was keeping everything on one rack, color coded and built my outfits off this rack for a few months. This fall/winter I used colors green, tan, grey, black and denim. These colors blended together well and matched quite nicely. When I would get a item cleaned I would hang it right back on my rack staying organized. Also I started editing my closet,  passing clothing along to family members. I have at least 50 cousins btw the age of 25-60 here in Dallas Texas that appreciate me passing along my clothing I no longer want or wear.Plusmodel Lisa scott

Getting back to this FashionNova skirt they call the Olive Oil Skirt Il Coffee. I refer to her as Ms. Coffee.  I ran across this skirt looking for neutral color items as my foundation color for this spring season. It took me 2 months to get my hands on this skirt. The 1st time I went to order size 3X it was sold out so I signed up for the email alert. Approximately 2 weeks later I get the email from FashionNova the skirt is back in stock. I put the skirt in my cart and decided to browse the site for another item to add to my cart. In less than 5 minutes the skirt was snatched out of my cart and sold. Whoa now I was intrigued. I went back to the skirt link and thought to myself I can probably get the 2X. I hit the size link everything was sold out from 1X-3X! I signed up for the email alert again. Another 2 weeks went by and I received a email alert that Ms. Coffee had made her debut back on the FashionNova site. I hopped my fingers over there so fast and ordered this skirt! Ms. Coffee was not going to slip away this time. I have to say I have ordered around 5 items from FashionNova the shipment for me has been literally 2 days. Excellent shipping! I have no idea who is handling their mail system but it is on point.

Coffee skirtNow let’s get into Ms. Coffee. The fit= Comfortable! The color=amazing! Exactly what I was looking for. Fabric is my favorite combo of spandex/Lycra, feels so good. I understand why Ms. Coffee is so in demand, she lives up to her reputation. I’m just curious is to where are all these skirts going because I being a  blogger, active on Instagram and constantly looking at the latest fashions never noticed anyone else wearing Ms. Coffee.

So to wrap this post up I highly recommend Ms. Coffee that comes in around $24, if you buy her today you can use the code “semi” and get her for around $15 a basic neutral skirt should be in everyone’s closet. This is not a sponsored post I truly love this skirt and had to share her with you guys. Also the beauty of a skirt like this is it could be worn year round.

Coffee color midi skirt

Polka Dots Possibilities

Polka Dots will be all over this Spring/Summer season. They will appear on pants, scarves, tops, camisoles, sweaters, hats, shoes you name it you will see polka dots. I have always loved a great polka dot item especially black and white. Black and white polka dots are so timeless. You can mix and match the color polka dots with the classic black and white and create a beautiful palate. Just adding a polka dot scarf to a basic trench coat or muted outfit will give you a instant  fashion boost. Check out some polka dot items I pulled from around the web as well as the top and scarf I’m rocking in this post.

Ivory Polka Dot Tunic sizes 00-6 

*I am wearing s size 3 polka dot tunic

My yellow jeans Yellow Jeans are from Lane Bryant, I am wearing a size 20. Theses are the new denim that come in several spring forward colors. I am all for the blues, black and white staple color jeans. However I was very happy to see Lane Bryant add these colors. These colors you can wear to work and get away with having on a comfortable pair of jeans. I paired mines with this tunic and I can absolutely get away with wearing this outfit in the corporate world with a blazer or cardigan like shown.

Check out this new style and color with the funky hem. These would look amazing with high heel sandals Cropped jeans with ruffle hem

Lane Bryant skinny jeans with ruffle hem

Yellow skinny plus size jeans

This cardigan Polka dot flyaway cardigan with zipper detail

was actually the first polka dot item I purchased.  After buying this cardigan it seemed like I was seeing polka dots everywhere.

Lane Bryant Dressing Room Try On

I was invited to stop by my friends at Lane Bryant, which is always fun. Lane Bryant has out did themselves in the active wear department. Casual with extra, extra chic. I could easily wear these pieces with heels or sandals and go out somewhere fancy. If you have not tried their leggings they are guaranteed to make you feel like a super hero. I had to snag up this grey soft as butter leisure fit. I will be wearing this on my cruise this summer around the ship. It’s chic and so appropriate for any time of the day. I kept asking the associate is this really lounge wear? I couldn’t believe it.


Spa open back cardigan

Plus size active wear

Side mesh leggings leggings have a pocket for keys, money, phone the fit is superb

Plus size sports bras


Scuba bell sleeve active Jkt black and white


black nylon bomber This Jkt is cropped, though it’s a light Jkt it will keep you warm because of the nylon, great for spring to wear with skirts for a kool athletic leisure look.


Strappy back sleep tee with pink straps

Grey kimono wrap

Lane Bryant grey kimono set

Honestly my nightgown and lounge wear game is less than impressive. Actually boring and predictable. Only lane Bryant can get me to try on something out of my comfort zone and love it. Every time I go visit my friends at lane Bryant I try something I never would.  I fell head over heels for this lingerie set. Yep time for me to look as sexy as I feel. 

Floral kimono

Balconette floral bra

Plus size lingerie sets

Man Up! Borrowing from the boys

Men are so easy to dupe, their style is easy, classic, simple, chic and basic. We women should have the same basics as the men. Great staple, timeless pieces that last forever. Like a great pair of chinos, white jeans and a black blazer.

Plus Size Vlogger Lisa Scott aka “The Shopping Slayer” Shops The Men’s Department

Chain Belt

light green chino pants

Green Military Jacket

Plus size green military jacket

Plus model Lisa scott

Boyfriend Black Blazer

White jeans size 12-38

Black turtleneck size 12-32


Man Up

I am a fan of shopping the men’s department. I’ve been talking about this forever here’s a blog post I did in 2014

This week I have a few men inspired looks for you guys. Let’s start with this incredible chartreuse yellow coat, is there anything more dynamic than a statement coat or jacket. Of course not, and this neon yellow one does not disappoint, though this is a regular size UK18 it will fit up to a size 22 plus body easily. Only one word to say about this coat it’s FABULOUS! I recommend snatching it up before it’s gone.

Chartreuse duster coat***********Link to Chartreuse Coat link*************

I will be back tomorrow and a few more times this week with more styles borrowed from the men.Plus size yellow duster coat

TheShoppingSlayerThank you for stopping by.  TheShoppingSlayer

Fifty Friday

Today is the beginning of my new series, every other Friday find one or more great items $50 or under. This week I bring you (2) cuties from Boohoo. These flare pants ($15) fit great, I’m all into the flare leg 60’s thing. This orange wrap off shoulder top ($22) is so cute and dare I say this wrap top is very nice on a full mid section with a fupa like mines. Some days I embrace my fupa and some days I like to camouflage it. Depending on my mood, this wrap top effortlessly smooths over a curvy girls bumps and makes you look sleek and elongated and that is always a good thing.

Plus Katy off shoulder wrap top

Flare leg plus size pantsFlare Trousers


Back to Black Series Blogger Collaboration

Black cowl neck sweater (sold out) Blk sweater

All over blk faux Leather jeggings black faux leather pants

booties @shudeal

Fit Details: Unfortunately the sweater sold out fast because it looks so much better than the picture on the site. These pants fit like a glove, look exactly like leather in person. They fit so amazing and feel so comfortable, no roll down. These pants have a wide flat elastic waist band Highly recommend! Also they are currently buy 1 get 1 free.

This month I’m doing a Back to Black Collaboration with fellow bloggers, here are their Instagram handles.  Tia @millennialwivesclub Bianca @curvaceouslybee Keke @kekesbudgetkloset

Blogger collaboration

It’s a New Day

Not only is it a new year it’s a new day to appreciate yourself as a woman in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond. I am just loving where I am right now in my life and my growth as a woman. I keep myself open to learning every minute of the day. Of course my biggest teachers are my children, they teach me patience and how to laugh at myself. They calm me down, and show me life doesn’t have to always make sense as long as we are happy.  Children are very good with holding a mirror up to make you look at yourself. As my children are growing so am I.

I am truly learning that I don’t have to be perfect, look perfect or have the perfect life. The only thing I have to do is my best and work everyday to become even more the woman I want.

I know for sure I don’t want to become someone different but a better version of who I am. I am celebrating myself all month long, it’s my birthday month, a new year, and a new day to appreciate all I’ve overcome and accomplished.

It’s ironic I was able to start my birthday month with the debut of the new Ageless Style Series created my Madeline Jones @plusjones. Check it out here

Madeline created a series that celebrates woman over 40 who are confidant, fashionable and like themselves. When I first heard about the concept, I knew I had to be apart of the kickoff of this series. It spoke to who I am and what I express everyday of my life.

Madeline and I both are busy, active woman my youngest son and her daughter are 6 months apart in age, we have no choice but to be active, young children demand you! I can assure you I’m 10 times busier than when I was 25. In my 20’s all I did was work, work, work. Today there is not enough hours in a day for the life I live. I go to class, exercise on occasion😜 fit model, blog, write content, do videos, attend events, go to the movies, bowling, brunch and a 1/3 of my life is going to my oldest son’s basketball games and taking the two younger ones to practice. Attending parties and class trips. These are things I was not doing in my 20’s. If these are what they call the  Golden Years, bring it, I’m loving it.  Of course living in Dallas Texas where the weather is 70% sensational has helped me become more active and definitely contributed to my positive mindset.

I’m so proud to be in the Ageless Style feature, it represents who I am and how I feel. Social media doesn’t feature or show much love to women over 40, we are basically told to go sit down and not be seen. Especially plus size woman! Plus size woman over 40 are treated as irrelevant and that we should disappear and fade into oblivion. I find this laughable, I don’t think my 8 yr. old son would understand me going into immobile old lady mode. We have to stop letting other people define who we are and where we should be at any point in our lives. Yes there are woman who are in their 40’s and grandmothers but that does not mean they are wearing a mumu and bonnet. We have to throw these old fashioned stereotypes away. 40 years ago your grandmother was in the kitchen cooking with a house dress on but this is 2018 and grandmothers are sexy, vibrant, active and current. It’s as if after 40 you start breathing different air than the young. Or you no longer have to work, and take care of yourself. I never read any law that says you can’t be the after 40, or feel sexy and sassy.

Aging is not a trend, agelessstyle is not a trend. Aging is a natural progression of life, how you age depends on you!

As long as I’m breathing God willing, I will be caring about my health, (Yes, even as a plus woman) dressed well, loving who I am and actively involved in life. God is the only one who can put me in a box and define who I am. Right now he told me I am free, bold, big, sometimes loud and not to hide it. I have been blessed with this life and I am going to enjoy it everyday and love myself, treat myself, be gentle with myself and gracefully enjoy the blessing of aging with every breath I take. So many people wish they were here living and aging and I have been granted time to live, what a blessing. It’s a New Day!

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