It’s a New Day

Not only is it a new year it’s a new day to appreciate yourself as a woman in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond. I am just loving where I am right now in my life and my growth as a woman. I keep myself open to learning every minute of the day. Of course my biggest teachers are my children, they teach me patience and how to laugh at myself. They calm me down, and show me life doesn’t have to always make sense as long as we are happy.  Children are very good with holding a mirror up to make you look at yourself. As my children are growing so am I.

I am truly learning that I don’t have to be perfect, look perfect or have the perfect life. The only thing I have to do is my best and work everyday to become even more the woman I want.

I know for sure I don’t want to become someone different but a better version of who I am. I am celebrating myself all month long, it’s my birthday month, a new year, and a new day to appreciate all I’ve overcome and accomplished.

It’s ironic I was able to start my birthday month with the debut of the new Ageless Style Series created my Madeline Jones @plusjones. Check it out here

Madeline created a series that celebrates woman over 40 who are confidant, fashionable and like themselves. When I first heard about the concept, I knew I had to be apart of the kickoff of this series. It spoke to who I am and what I express everyday of my life.

Madeline and I both are busy, active woman my youngest son and her daughter are 6 months apart in age, we have no choice but to be active, young children demand you! I can assure you I’m 10 times busier than when I was 25. In my 20’s all I did was work, work, work. Today there is not enough hours in a day for the life I live. I go to class, exercise on occasion😜 fit model, blog, write content, do videos, attend events, go to the movies, bowling, brunch and a 1/3 of my life is going to my oldest son’s basketball games and taking the two younger ones to practice. Attending parties and class trips. These are things I was not doing in my 20’s. If these are what they call the  Golden Years, bring it, I’m loving it.  Of course living in Dallas Texas where the weather is 70% sensational has helped me become more active and definitely contributed to my positive mindset.

I’m so proud to be in the Ageless Style feature, it represents who I am and how I feel. Social media doesn’t feature or show much love to women over 40, we are basically told to go sit down and not be seen. Especially plus size woman! Plus size woman over 40 are treated as irrelevant and that we should disappear and fade into oblivion. I find this laughable, I don’t think my 8 yr. old son would understand me going into immobile old lady mode. We have to stop letting other people define who we are and where we should be at any point in our lives. Yes there are woman who are in their 40’s and grandmothers but that does not mean they are wearing a mumu and bonnet. We have to throw these old fashioned stereotypes away. 40 years ago your grandmother was in the kitchen cooking with a house dress on but this is 2018 and grandmothers are sexy, vibrant, active and current. It’s as if after 40 you start breathing different air than the young. Or you no longer have to work, and take care of yourself. I never read any law that says you can’t be the after 40, or feel sexy and sassy.

Aging is not a trend, agelessstyle is not a trend. Aging is a natural progression of life, how you age depends on you!

As long as I’m breathing God willing, I will be caring about my health, (Yes, even as a plus woman) dressed well, loving who I am and actively involved in life. God is the only one who can put me in a box and define who I am. Right now he told me I am free, bold, big, sometimes loud and not to hide it. I have been blessed with this life and I am going to enjoy it everyday and love myself, treat myself, be gentle with myself and gracefully enjoy the blessing of aging with every breath I take. So many people wish they were here living and aging and I have been granted time to live, what a blessing. It’s a New Day!

Faux Fur scarf season

Here are 2 of my favorite faux scarfs this season. I wore the long one last night on my coat with jeans and a turtleneck it was very sleek looking. I think you may also like these two. These faux scarfs are chic and not gawdy looking. Asia high low fur scarfOf course you know faux scarfs and wraps are all the rage this season. What kind of blogger would I be if I did not bring you the best ones out there that will not break your pocketbook. When they arrived I snapped some quick phone pics to show you how they looked on a plus size body. As you can see the scarfs did not look as sizeable on a bigger body, however still very nice.

high low multi faux fur scarf

I wanted you to see how they look in real life as oppose to professional photos from the Asos website.Try on faux fur scarfs

Faux fur shawl

Faux fur wrap


Plus Size sweat suit with pearl detailSweat top with pearl details

Pants sold out online, check instore

Booties are from Shu Deal/ @shudeal997

I would suggest you don’t judge this sweatsuit by the photograph. If you are like me you may have been attracted to this sweat suit by the picture on the website. I don’t live near a Ashley Stewart so when I get close to one I always stop in to browse. As soon as I seen this sweat top up close, I had to have it. In person it is too cute,  I love the placement of the medium sized pearls. Perfect in black and definitely a trendy item. I decided to pick up the matching sweat pants as well. Honestly I will never wear these pieces together as a set. I will wear this top at least 10 different ways but probably very few times as a set. The top is giving me more fashion options. These are the kind of super soft comfortable sweats that I will throw on everyday to go to the grocery store an run errands especially in the winter. After I wear them out in the winter I will cut them right above the knees and add them to my gym attire.


All Bells no Whistles

grey bell sleeve sweater

Boot cut jeans with tummy technology

Leopard skinny belt

(asos leopard booties sold out in larger sizes only very small sizes left) Leopard buckle booties

These are the best jeans! I know, I know you hear this from every plus size blogger. But honey when I tell you I’ve been sleeping on bell bottom pants! that’s a understatement.  I’ve been asleep at the wheel. These www.lanebryant.con ones mold to your body, superior fit, bell bottom not too wide, perfect stretch and they are high waisted. I’m short waisted and these work great for me. No digging into my stomach. You will not have to run in your home to pull these off at the end of the day. They feel like jeggings but look like super chic trousers, weird I know but you have to see for yourself. Ladies download a coupon, use your reward bucks, do whatever you need to do to get these in your life. They are awesome.

This adorable, dramatic sweater is everything you need to make a entrance.

Bell bottom jeans


Purple Sunday Brunch

Scalloped Top purple sheer top


Extreme wide leg pants plus sizeThis outfit of the day started with these purple pants from designer I gave her my size and height and they were custom made for my body. She does custom fit so they will look great on your body. These pants have a exaggerated wide leg and are high waist. As soon as these pants arrived and I slipped them on, I could absolutely feel they were custom made. One way I knew the difference was I didn’t need shapewear. I tried them on without shapewear and they made my stomach disappear.

Plus size wide leg pantsI found this coordinating top in I’m loving the sheer chic tops this season from Lane Bryant. They look great under sweaters and blazers and can be worn as a statement piece on their own. Today this outfit was perfect for brunch after church.


Hey guys, I went to write this post about this fabulous sweater dress for you, went to find the link and  it’s sold out. I have attached a dead on dupe in the links. It’s not Plus size but goes to size 18.

Dress out of stock

Very similar Grey sweater dress

Black chain belt


Plus size sweater dress


Sweater and Boots

Size 16-24 Link to red roll neck sweater

Size 7-13 Barclays Lace up boots wide width

leggings (old)Ashley Stewart The best Black ponte leggings

If you have never tried Ashley Stewart leggings give them a try. I find them to be the best fabric and they give you so much support.

My favorite wide width boots and oversized sweater. Not much to say but this is the perfect outfit for this cool Texas morning.

Wide calf bootsAvenue barclay boots


Bedroom Goals on a Budget

1. Noella Gray King Upholstered Sleigh BedGray Sleigh king size Bed

2. Here is a less expensive sleigh tufted bed Queen Tufted Sleigh bed

3. Another option Sleigh headboard Queens tufted headboard

Arm knit blanket Chunky knitted Chunky blanket

New updated video below, switching it up on a dime.

I ordered the 40×80 chunky blanket runner to cover my king size bed. I’m very happy with my blanket, the style , look, appearance and quality was exactly what I wanted.

Chunky Blankets are all the rage in home decor. They are a statement piece that elevates any room, especially the bed. Hope you enjoyed this post. PS My bed is very comfortable. Adding new curtains, some unique throw pillows can add so much cozy to your room.

I am a firm believer that the room you spend the most time in should represent everything you love and make you feel relax.

Make your our personal space something special, it should be your personal taste, not what the top home decor magazines tell you it should be.

just a photo of your loved ones can uplift your space. I took these pictures when the sun was setting.

Today was very overcast, I will probably exchange them out tomorrow. The sunlight that comes in my room is sensational. Overall my bedroom is very relaxing and makes me feel calm. 

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