Lane Bryant strikes again!

Lane Bryant has done it again with a superb collection from Prabal Gurung .This collection is gorgeous, modern and sophisticated looking. Every piece is stylish and has sex appeal. This is what I love to see in the plus community. Clothing for modern stylish women. Hip hugging silhouettes and details on fleek. Ready wear designer and Lane Bryant will debut the Prabal Gurung X  Collection today with a two page spread in Vogue Magazine March issue. New plus size collection The Collection will be available in select stores and on Lane Bryant’s website starting February 27, 2017.

Prabal Gurung plus size collectionGet ready to spring into action literally with luxury dresses, tops, jackets, and bottoms. Prices range from $38-$398. Sizes 10-28. Yes ladies size 10 can get their hands on some of this goodness. I’m so excited to pick up a few pieces. Designer Prabal gurung Ashley Graham the face of the collection and designer Prabal Gurung, Check out an interview with Gurung and Graham on

Prabal Gurung Lane Bryant collection

Prabal Gurung black leggingsSupermodel Ashley Graham is the face of Prabal GurungSee you in the next post. 

Lane Bryant Allie & Lena Pant

Plus size blogger Lena Pant reviewLena pants Ladies the Lane Bryant Allie & Lena pants are two styles to add to your wardrobe stat. Size 14-28.  I highly suggest going into your nearest and trying these pants on. Lane Bryant has the best, spacious dressing rooms where you can see all sides of your body.

Link to Lena Pants

I am sharing my opinions on these pants and I stand strongly and firmly on them. These pants are made with the curvy woman fuller figure in mind. If you have large butt and thighs these pants will accommodate you comfortably. They are the perfect work pant in my opinion. They look clean and sleek giving a very professional look. What I love about them is they’re not tight across my stomach.  A squeezing uncomfortable zipper and band across my stomach is a deal breaker. These pants are stylish and can be worn for a full work day with complete comfort. I also like the abundance of styling options. I have repeated my pants all week and added dusters, T-Shirts, long tops, plaid shirts and still get complimented on my outfit. Lane Bryant Allie pant

Both pants slight flare giving a bootleg look. These pants fit me awesome and again have been my go to workwear pant.  My favorite is the Lena, however the Allie, which I’m wearing in black makes me look slimmer, my butt look smaller and elongates my silhouette. Allie Pant from lane Bryant

Now that you have heard my opinion and seen me in the pants. (Beige-Lena) (Black-Allie)

Here is a official statement from Lane Bryant:

The Allie Pant: a pant that made hundreds of women say “yes, finally!” the second they slipped them on. The NEW Allie Pant is a fit revolution Lane Bryant designed with our clients in mind, featuring a waistband that prevents gapping, and technology that utilizes the stretch of fabric to better conform to your curves.

Because of a pant, this game-changing couldn’t have come from anywhere else.

  1. See what our clients have to say about The Allie Pant:

link to Allie PantLink to Allie Pant

Allie pants lane bryant

Plus size Allie pants

April Showers

April Showers are closer than you think. I know snow is still falling and it’s very cold in so many cities. However before you know it April Showers will be in full effect and a new season of stormy rainy weather is upon us all. Are you ready? If not hit the link to this cute double breasted raincoat size 12W- 28W.Classic plus size coat

Now is the time to get prepared to look fabulous.  Drizzle or storm you’ll be ready to shine in this chic classic belted raincoat.

Crop top turtle neck Rebdolls Link to top here

Faux Leather Pants FTF Link to pants here

Shoes Aldo

Trench Coat Link to short belted trench coat via www.fullbeauty.comCoat via fullbeauty.comPlus size double breasted raincoat

Plus size trench coat

My favorite Go-To Lipsticks

Here are a few of my favorite go to lip colors. Milani is a superior drugstore brand. Milani has a awesome array of shades for all skin tones. You can usually find Milani at Walgreens and CVS. Milani is a brand that continuously debuts very pigmented lipsticks. I have found their Liquid lipsticks to be great quality as far as formula and longevity. I recently bought a few Amore Matte Metallic Lip Cremes.  in If you don’t like liquid Matte lipsticks because of the dryness you will probably like this line. These lip cremes dry with a matte finish but are very non drying feeling.  The colors are very pretty and have a beautiful subtle metallic finish. My two favorite are 15 The Ultimate the perfect purple in my opinion. I can wear it anytime anywhere. The other is 10 Pretty Problematic which is a burnt russet orange color. Lisa Scott plus modelPlus model Lisa scott

Nicka K True Matte line can be found in your local beauty supply store. One of my favorite inexpensive matte brands. Formula glides on smooth & soft. Though matte, this line does not give an intense super drying feel. Two of my favorite colors from this line are NTM14 Vivid Violet a shade of purple that’s a cross between lavender & purple. The other is NTMO7 Jazzberry Jam which is a very pretty pink.True Matte vivid violetTrue Matte lipstick

When I want to wear a neutral lip with just a dash of color,  I wear NYX soft matte lip cream in the color Budapest. It’s just a very pretty peachy nude, perfect for daily wear. NYX butter gloss budapest

There are days I want a little shine on my lips.  I like NYX Intense butter gloss in the color Black Cherry. It’s lovely to wear at night because its dark and vampy. Favorite matte lipsticks





Making Changes in 2017

Making Changes in 2017 is a understatement. There have been huge significant life changes that have been happening in my life since the 4th quarter of last year. I moved, I’m in the process of downsizing my wardrobe and NYC home.  I had accumulated so much stuff and needed to rid myself of so many things it was extremely challenging. Downsizing and eliminating can be a problem when you really like all the things you have bought and collected.  However I had to make the choice to move on physically and mentally. I presently only want things in my life that have meaning and I use regularly. So making a major move from my NYC residence to Texas was a purging emotional experience. It has made me look at everything in my life different. I knew I wanted my new space to reflect what I am feeling inside these days. Lighter, unburden, and a overwhelming desire to get completely & thoroughly organized. I want my world to stay minimal for the rest of my life.

I will always have things I love around me, I worked many years to live comfortably and my space has to be my sanctuary and reflect serenity. But that doesn’t mean I need to buy every towel, plate, cup, pillow, painting  that catches my fancy like in the past but rather surround myself with things that help me stay centered and connected to my core.Great eating habits

This year I will grow a garden, my mother and I are already plotting out what we are planting. I want to feed my children foods that I have grown that can help nourish their bodies. I have slowly started eating better and limiting my portions of my favorite foods. Like my homemade lasagna, spaghetti and my beloved takeout Chinese. I will absolutely not be giving these foods up but I have already started sticking to a schedule of when I allow myself to indulge.Inspirational coffee cups

The most helpful thing I have done for my body is portion control. I have purchased a small square plate that I am in love with. Not only is it the perfect size but I love the way all 4 edges are raised.  It’s the perfect portion control plate for me to assist me from stuffing myself. I love filling this plate up with salad and veggie stuffed omelettes. The white plate makes everything I put on my plate more vibrant and appealing.Portion control ideas

I needed to correct some bad habits 1) I stopped eating laying down watching TV. 2) I stopped trying to rush in a meal before leaving my home. If I don’t have more than 45 minutes to sit down to eat, I don’t. I now make sure that even during the day when no one is home but me I sit at the table to eat. I now love setting me a beautiful table for 1. I sometimes play a YouTube video while eating but I’m very aware of how I chew my food. I don’t rush through my meals anymore, I find that this is helping me to not overeat and put my fork down between bites.

Speaking of FORKS I picked out a lovely gold plated silverware set for 1 to add to my meals visuals from I look forward to days off during the week when I can indulge in this leisurely ritual. It’s now become a self care experience. I still eat dinner with my boys however I find on these days I’m still satisfied from my beautiful lunch and eat so much less. Link to gold fork set for 1Gold silverware

I am taking one day at a time in 2017 and being very gentle with myself with my lifestyle change. I’m not doing any silly fad diets, pills, unreasonable super strict plans. I am slowing down to enjoy this life and make sure I hold myself to the fire so to speak for this lifestyle change. This for me is not only about weight loss this is truly a way of life change. I want to be busy when I need to be but on my quiet time I want to still be busy enjoying the slow leisure moments, if that makes sense. One of my mandatory priorities this year is to make sure I get in the exact amount of fun as the work.Coffee cups from target

(Fun coffee cups from

I hope you grab a favorite cup or plate to make your healthy journey just as enjoyable as I have. Thx for stopping by.

Making Basics Bold- Plus Size #ootd

Making basic bold is the motto for the day. Here’s my plusize look of the day. I get bored with fashion very quickly and like to switch it up to keep it fresh and not predictable. Rather that’s my hair or adding a twist to a very basic outfit. I think plus size women are really coming out of what I call the “plus size box”. Larger women are very confident and usually really like themselves and their bodies but quickly become insecure because of all the criticism they get from society. Usually the jabs and insults are from others idea of how a plus size woman should view herself. Many feel she should be quiet, shrink,  hide her bigness the best she can.

Large women are not suppose to have a voice, opinion or be intelligent. How dare you be fat and wear something revealing, bold and sexy. And double how dare you for feeling wonderful wearing that revealing sexy outfit. That is why so much hype surround actresses and plus size personalities like Gabourey Sidibe, Melissa McCarthy, Tess Holiday & Queen Latifah  because they are large and own their presence. They are so vivacious and bold even other plus size women are shocked. We don’t need to mimic these women or adapt their stance but many of us can take a lesson in their ownership of self. They are fighting and defying public opinion of what is sexy, how they should talk, walk and feel about their bodies. Target DV espadrilles

I am very blessed that I have never let anyone dictate my feelings about my own body even after gaining considerable weight. But trust me I have fought many quiet battles with agents, family members and taken my share of judgement from the acceptable “Plus Model” who wear a size 12 and been insulted for my size 18 body.

I love to throw on colorful hair, bright lipstick, tight leggings and make it look chic and so far from ratchet that is expected. I absolutely want to lose weight to get my stamina back. I’m tired of feeling like I’m going to fall into a coma at 3pm everyday. However my lifestyle changes are for me and me alone.Lisa Scott plus model

In the meantime of working on my own personal body goals (which is NOT a size 8) I’m going to continue to look and feel fabulous, laugh, cry and talk as loudly as I want.

Grey long Vest link to vest here

*Ladies look up vest by product description. If link gives you a problem. I’m wearing a XL.

Long grey vestLong Grey plus size vest

top Here

leggings Here

Shoes here

Samba Wig here

Plus size Model Lisa scott


Crossbody Convenience

I have found myself carrying my crossbody bag everywhere. You might have seen it in many pictures on my Instagram @TheShoppingSlayer

I picked up a small black crossbody approximately a year ago. I found myself throwing this bag over me all the time for the Convenience of getting to my drivers license, credit cards and small change quickly. I always carried it for traveling in airports and the weekends.Ava and viv ripped knee denim

Even when I’m using my larger leather bags I would still wear this crossbody again for the ease of getting to my cards. I found myself stuffing receipts, keys, aspirins and gum in this small bag. Though my crossbody had compartments I eventually found it harder to fish out my credit card and license amoung the receipts. So it was time to look for one more practical. I found a perfect one in Crossbody with organizer

This crossbody works due to the credit card holders, I can put my license/credit cards in the holders which makes it so easy and stops me from having a mini panic attack everytime I can’t find my license or credit card. There’s an array of crossbody bags to choose from across the web from mini to large. Whatever your personal style and need is I have rounded up a few little compact cuties below.Plus size ripped denimBlogger Lisa scottCrossbody bag lookbook1. Here

2. here

3.   Here

4.  here

5. . here


Crossbody lookbook


6. Here

7. here

8.  Here

9. Here

10. her


12. . Here

13. Here

Crossbody bags

14. here

15. Here


17. here

19.  here

20. here

Crossbody bag lookbook

21.  here

22.  here

23 Here

Red crossbody bag from full

My shoes link here

Black & White Top similar here

Ava & Viv Jeans here

Street Chic x Plus Size

I think we all love for their tastefully made clothing. I love their site for their sophisticated flair. I picked up this flutter sleeve tie hem top, size 14-28 here

Great top you can wear year round and pair with high waisted midi skirts, denim and tailored pants. The back is slightly cropped in the back so it’s important to follow the size chart on this one. I will describe it as a crop top with long ties that you double around your waist. You can also tie it in back if you prefer.

Eloquii plus size wrap top

I paired it with this on trend colorful camouflage bomber. Size 1X-3X I really was bored with seeing bomber jackets at the beginning of fall. Every fashion blogger from thin to plus was featuring them. It seemed like overkill. Well pull my tongue out my mouth because I tried the elongated bomber and fell deeply in love. I thought I was done and happen to run across this electric bomber in Cititrends. Ladies you know the drill is a store you shop in person to find treasures like this jacket, not online. This jacket is not listed on the site, there is a  similar one featured LINK  here


Plus size Camouflage bomber jacketI suggest checking out your local to find the exact one I’m wearing since it is a current purchase. If you want something really cute, funky and stylish try this one from this really caught my eye with its electric pattern. Link (similar jacket) Here  

Plus size high waisted jeans

Black Skinny High Waisted Jeans Size 14-24 Link to Jeans

Camouflage bomber


Denim for curvy women

Shoes Link to shoes



@TheShoppingSlayer The Power of the BLACK BLAZER is extraordinary. I could literally have on a sack or garbage bag, throw a black blazer on top, great lipstick color and look pulled together effortlessly. Blazers are a great topper and already chic but a BLACK BLAZER is such a statement piece. I have always kept  a BLACK BLAZER  in my wardrobe from my modeling and acting days. I had to have it at my access if I was called for an audition or casting that required a business chic look.Plus size black blazer

My rule of the BLACK BLAZER is make sure it is of excellent quality rather you buy it or thrift it. It does make a difference. I do not like the look of poor quality fabric in suit jackets. And nothing is worst than a chic blazer that does not fit fuller arms or go around your bust. I always wear my blazer open however it can button if needed. Trust me with a item like this it’s better to buy quality. I  picked up the one I’m wearing from Work wear blazer I did not know what to think of it when it first arrived. First off its wool and a little heavier than I had in mind and what I thought was pictured on the sight . However after wearing this BLACK BLAZER I knew I had gotten the best quality and fabric for my lifestyle. I wear my blazer everywhere and never fail to get a ton of compliments. Even on days I go into my office wearing jeans and flats, someone will always say how cute I look and ask where are you going today missy? That’s the Power of the BLACK BLAZER. Full black blazerJeans Link here

Booties (old)

bag (similar) link here

bag (similar) link here

T-Shirt here

My Black Blazer sold out however here is a ultra super cute one, I think you will like this one better, it’s a beauty size (12-28).    Here



10 anti-aging foods that I Love

Sharing 10 anti-aging foods that I love and are diet staples. These foods keep my digestive system working and my body healthy.  I can’t remember the last time I had a cold or sick and its definitely because I eat these foods regularly.10 Anti aging foids

These 10 foods are diet staples and have been for a very long time. Of course there are countless anti-aging foods to select from but I am talking about the ones that are always in my fridge and work wonders for me.

10 anti aging foodsOne of my favorite easy breakfast.(1/2 AVACADO 2 eggs with sharp shredded cheddar cheese, sautéed eggplant, kale, cherry tomatoes and red onion)

Aging is a natural process, but certain foods smooth the skin and helps with maintaining a youthful appearance. We age due to genetic and other factors but we can control having a healthy diet & lifestyle which will keep you looking years younger than you are.Vegetarian meal

The sooner you begin following a healthy lifestyle and caring properly for your skin, the healthier your skin will be. Plus, it will delay signs of aging like dark circles under eyes,  fine lines, sagging skin, wrinkles age spots.

1. LEMONS I add lemons to my water and start off most mornings with hot water with fresh lemon slices. I then eat the slices. You might not like lemons that much to eat the peel and all but I’m weird.Detox your body inexpensively

2. ONION  My brother told me a onion and apple a day will keep you from getting sick. I usually have a small onion a couple of times a week sautéed in a little olive oil salt & pepper on the side of my scrambled eggs. Olive Oil is great for the skin and prevents wrinkles.

3. GREEK YOGURT  I’ve learned to prefer it over other yogurts. I top mines with any fruit I have on hand, I try to buy vanilla flavor but I have adjusted to like the unflavored as well. I just add a teaspoon of honey or agave to sweeten. All you need is a few spoonfuls a day. Yougurt has so many anti bacterial properties and is so good for the digestive tract.

4. TOMATOES  In the past few years I have pretty much switched to only using cherry tomatoes. I just find them sweeter and tastier. I dice mines or cut the cherry ones in half and sautéed in olive oil adding Himalayan salt & pepper to taste. I like serve  on the side of eggs or add as a topping on my spaghetti to make it hardy.

Tomatoes really pack a tremendous punch.
*Lycopene, an antioxidant that can combat free radicals (molecules or ions that can damage healthy cells and suppress your immune system), gets the credit for tomatoes’ ability to help protect against some cancers, including lung cancer. If possible, opt for Classica tomatoes—in a study of 13 tomato varieties, Classicas ranked highest in lycopene.Food good for your skin

5. EGGPLANT is extremly versatile and a perfect meat replacement. I was on a eggplant kick during my second pregnancy. I ate it all the time. I can make a mean eggplant parmigiana in 1 pot on top of the stove. Eggplant is packed with nutrients and vitamins and can be eaten alone or paired with anything from breakfast-dinner.10 anti aging super foods

6. KALE Another favorite that I sautéed in olive oil/ grape-seed oil with a pat of butter, minced garlic, salt, pepper to taste.  I sometimes add shrimp and add to Thai noodles and broth. It really gives you a spa feel good flavor.10 delicious super foods

7.GARLIC Oh how I love garlic, I think it’s delicious in all forms, from the powder to the oil. I add garlic to just about everything and ask for more when ordering Chinese and pizza. Fresh garlic super food

8. AVACADO I did not fall madly in love with AVACADO until 2 years ago. My father would eat it on the side of his eggs, it just didn’t look appealing. My oldest son is an excellent cook and loves guacamole. He makes  a fresh garlic infused guacamole that smells so fresh. Of course I love garlic so that made me try it. Ever since I’ve been hooked and eat it often. I love it so much I cut it right out the skin and add it on top of my sandwich with salt & pepper to taste. I add it to the side of my eggs now just like my father did. I love it!

AVACADO Avocados provide nearly 20 essential nutrients, including fiber, potassium, Vitamin E, B-vitamins, and folic acid.

9. FLAXSEED I really prefer finely milled flaxseed. It’s  really small grains and I can add it on top of my yougurt and eat it in its raw state. I hide it in my children’s smoothies. Flaxseed is packed with so much nutrition and is high in fiber. Omega-3 essential fatty acids, “good” fats that have been shown to have heart-healthy effects. Each tablespoon of ground flaxseed contains about 1.8 grams of plant omega-3s. Lignans, which have both plant estrogen and antioxidant qualities.My favorite foods for ageless skin

10. BLUEBERRIES offer large amounts of antioxidants such as flavonols, anthocyanins and vitamin C which helps reduce cellular aging. The darker black and blue colored berries provide the best anti-aging benefitsMy 10 favorite anti aging foods

Don’t forget sleep! Sleep is just as important as anything you can eat, drink or apply to your skin. Aim for at least 8 hours, though I know that can be impossible. I rarely get more than 6 myself but I would love to get more for my overall health.

Hope you enjoyed the long read.

SkinCare #2017

Here is the link to all Anew products mentioned in this blog here

Great skin products

I get so many questions about what I’m using on my face from skincare to makeup.  It’s funny to me because I have the most basic skincare routine ever and wear very little makeup. I purchase just about everything because I love palattes, products and colors, but use very little makeup. My skincare since 9 years old always comes back to Dove soap for cleansing and some sort of mask twice a week. When I was a child my father always had some sort of egg white mask or clay mask around and I would use them. I know most 9 year olds are not interested in doing face masks or are they recommended but hey I did. (Please don’t start your children on face masks!) This did not damage my skin but I would never let my children experiment with masks this young.

Best simple skin care routineSkin treatment for acne skin

Since I love wearing a little makeup everyday, I remove all makeup with makeup remover cloths. I always do this before washing my face. I have always preferred to let my skin breathe and never moisturize and rarely use toner however I am changing this in 2017. My carefree basic routine has worked for years and gives me decent results however I’m getting older and it’s time to reboot my skincare. I absolutely have gotten away with such minimal skin care as a adult because I began taking care of my skin so young. I totally skipped the teenage acne years however I have battled adult onset acne. I’m happy to say I’ve been winning the fight! How to get a flawless complexion

This year I have decided to experiment and step out of my basic skin care routine and try out different brands. I have a list that I want to try. I am looking for products to improve my skin care regimen, maintain a clear complexion, moisturize without clogging my pores. And of course finding what products will give me maximum anti-aging benefits. Having a great complexion and overall healthy skin is truly the key to looking younger.

How I clean my skinI started with Avon Anew last November. I know myself and will not use a complicated system consisting of many steps and products. I will get bored and not bother completing. So I began with 3 products a cleanser to remove all the dirt and impurities from my skin. A daily exfoliating scrub that I love. This scrub is made to use DAILY to exfoliate. Avon really put the correct ingredients in this product to not strip or harm the skin surface, yet giving your face a extra deep treatment. Exfoliating is essential to help the skin glow by Acne prone skin treatmentrejuvenating old skin and basically breaking down the dull lifeless surface of older skin. My skin never feels strips or abused because this is a system that works together and compliments each product. I’m forcing myself to moisturize daily something that is new for me. I usually just apply a primer under my makeup. However now I am moisturizing with the Anew moisturizer its light which I like and a little goes far. It also has sunscreen protection. I then apply my makeup primer to give me a double barrier between my skin and makeup. My skin has been flawless, zero breakouts and very supple.How to age proof your skin

Stay tuned in 8 weeks I will bring you another system I am trying out. I will always post what product is a must have out of the system and my overall thoughts on the products. These are my honest opinions of products purchased by me.Treating acne prone skin

*I  highly suggest buying the refining daily scrub from this line it will enhance the textureof your skin adding a natural glow and smoothness *LINK- here

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